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Trixies Littlest Pet Shop is an informational site to help guide you with suggestions and tips for your pupsters. Stay tuned for our up coming on line pet store. We a re currently in the process of creating our pet product line so check back as we will be posting videos and posts of our progress. Learn how to make your own pet products for your animals!

Loving Groomers, Happy Tails

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What people are saying about Trixie's!

  • We love this place, we love Trixie! 
    Our Scottish Terriers were so happy to see Trixie,  especially my Whiskey! His eyes were bright & opened wide, he was smiling the entire time!

    Angie L.’s Experience
  • Gatsby was able to socialize and get comfortable before me leaving.
    He looks amazing, he even has even more confidence. I will be coming back to this place. Thanks Katie for being so great

    Chaulzy S.’s Experience
  • I recently moved to West Sacramento and I needed to get my dogs hair groomed since it was growing so long and they’ve been so dirty from playing in the sand and grass. Great service! Great price! I got a full hair cut for both my dogs for less than $100! The hair cut turned out absolutely gorgeous and she was able to get both of my dogs hair groomed very short, just the way I like it.

    Sallie Y.’s Experience

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Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

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2540 21st St, Ste B
Sacramento, CA 95818

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We love our pupsters, and take pride in every groom! We make sure you always recieve the best service!

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